PEFC certifications via Finotrol

Chain of custody according PEFC

With the help of the PEFC CoC (Chain of Custody), companies manufacturing or using timber products are able to ensure reliably that raw materials are from sustainably managed forests. The knowledge of the timber origin is an advantage for a company in the markets that are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues. For a buyer making sustainable choices, PEFC-mark is a strong message of the company's responsibility.

Services of Finotrol Ltd in Finland

Finotrol Ltd. and dutch certification institute SKH have signed co-operation agreement in July 2013 for providing PEFC (CoC) certification services in Finland.

The agreement is continuation of the previous co-operation started in 2012, when companies
signed an agreement regarding quality control of timber products for KOMO-certifications in Finland.

Dutch SKH is specialised in certification of wood and forest products and systems.
SKH has among other things granted over 300 PEFC certificates, which are used in timber products
exported to many significant timber consuming countries, such as Germany.

PEFC and KOMO certificates are granted and maintained by SKH, but audits in
Finland are handled by Finotrol Ltd.

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